Pokemon Go Articuno Guide

This Pokemon Go Articuno Guide details everything that you must know about the new Legendary Pokemon, Articuno and how to catch it. Ever since the launch of the new Legendary Pokemon in the game, people have been looking for easy ways to catch this Legendary Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go Articuno

Articuno is a legendary Ice & Flying Pok√©mon that is weak and vulnerable to Rock, Fire, Electric and Steel moves. Articuno’s strongest moveset is Frost Breath & Ice Beam when attacking in Gyms and it has a Max CP of 3,051.

How to Catch Articuno
In order to catch Articuno, first, you need to participate in a Legendary Raid where Articuno is the Raid Boss. These raids are not easy, but you have 48 hours, which means there is plenty of time to get a crew of friends together with your best Pokemon.

At the end of a Legendary Raid, the Pokemon must be captured. Currently, the capture rate that has been reported by many people around the globe is only 2%.

This shows that the rate of failure is very high, however; you must lose hope and must attempt to capture it nonetheless.

You can increase your chances by having some Golden Razz Berries on hand, so make sure you are stocked up before heading into the raid.

Never go unprepared for this battle as it is a very tough battle. The whole team should be well prepared for this battle.

Once you have the Articuno captured, you cannot use it to defend a Gym, but you can use it to attack Gyms. In addition, the Buddy Distance for Articuno is 20km for each Candy. Now you have one of the rarest Legendary Pokemon in your collection.

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