Pokemon Black and White Cheats and Unlockables

Fifth generation of Pokemon creatures comes your way in Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version introducing a generation of never-before-seen Pokemon characters featured in a thrilling new storyline set in a brand new region. Below are all the Pokemon Black and White Cheats and Unlockables for NDS version of the game.

Pokemon Black and White Cheats and Unlockables

These are the cheats, tips, and unlockables you can use in the black version of the game.
Extreme Day Care Leveling
The Day Care awards you with experience on the different steps you perform, you get a point for every step. It sounds quite slow but it averages as 2 experience points per second, 120 per minute and 7200 per an hour.

Although you must bring a lot of cash when you pick-up your pokemon. Some of the Pokemon moves will be replaced with the new ones taught by the baby-care lady.

1. Drop two of your Pokemon to the Day Care on Route 3 and go to the Battle Subway (Nimbasa City).
2. Set your character to the middle of the path.
3. Put something on the DOWN and A button of your DS so these buttons are properly pressed until you remove that object (You could leave your DS this way and come back later).
4. You will keep on getting the EXP points, come back after sometime and return to the day care for your Pokemon.


Transfer Promotional Pokemon From Other Games
Relocator can be unlocked by going to Castelia City. Go to the second floor of the building where the scientist is requesting a password. You will be given a choice, give in Everyone Happy and after that “Simple Connection”. You will be allowed to use the Relocator.

Get Pokemon from Older Games
After beating the game, you will head towards the Black City. You will find a building where a scientist will give you the option to trade the Pokemon from the previous games. You must trade SIX Pokemon, all 6 HMs can be chosen from the previous games.

Note: You cant trade those Pokemon back to the last games.

Trainer Card Colors

You will have to complete the following tasks to unlock these Colors.

Green Card – Default color.
Purple Card – Defeat the Elite 4.
Black/White Card – Complete the National Pokedex.
Gold Card – Collect all Pokemon Musical.

Music Additions

There are different people and events that make the music change.

  • Talking to the Band in one of the buildings when you get to Accumla Town will give the music a Piano tune and an added beat to it.
  • In Nacrene City there is a man who will play the accordian when you get near him if you talk to him.
  • There are kids running and spinning in a circle in Iciurrus City. A clapping beat will be added when you get near them.
  • In Opelucid City (Black) there is a man with a guitarish instrument. If you talk to him an added techno tune will be added.
  • In Village Bridge a man with an Acoustic Guitar will add to the tune if you talk to him. There is also a man near the bridge who will add his weird voice to the music. Another person hear will add their music to the tune if you talk to the man on the bridge named Russo. There is yet one more person who will add a whistle to the tune if you go to the top right field and talk to him.
  • Anville town has a person who will add a flute to the tune if you talk to the person next to the railing when you first enter the town on the bridge.
  • The music also changes with the seasons. Also, as you go lower into the caves the music gets slower. Lastly, in Castelia town, the building that the GameFreak makers are in, there is one person who will, while in the room, change the music to the Team Rocket theme if you talk to him

Items/Alternate Costumes

Red Card – Win 49 times in a row in both Super Single and Super Double Subway lines in the Battle Subway.
Silver Card – Get all Entralink Powers.

Birthday Bonuses

You can talk to the owner of the Musics in his office to get the birthday cake, whereas if you will play Pokemon on your birthday set to DS calendar then the Nurse at the Pokemon center will wish you a happy Birthday.


Catch Audino in the Shaking Grass
The only way to find this Pokem is to look for the shaking patches (tall grass). It is hiding over there. If you will walk into that grass, you will enter into a battle with it. Defeating him will also get you a lot of exp points.

Easy (Late Game) Experience
After beating the Elite 4, go to the Giant Chasm with the 2 Blisseys at the back of your party. Send Blissey when you face Ditto, and when he transforms into blissey then switch back out, this way you’ll defeat “Blissey” and gain massive points.

How to Catch Victini
Note: Needs a wifi connection
Get the Mystery Gift from the main menu (before 4/10/2011). The Mystery Gift, the Liberty Pass can be used to catch Victini in the Dungeon of the tower situated at the Liberty Garden.

Useful Items

Amulet Coin: You will have to unite the three dancers of Castelia City. The first one is near the fountain, fight and defeat him – Then ye will ask you to find the other dancers too.

The other dancers are on a Narrow Street and on a unity Pier. You will also have to fight them and talk, then they will join the guy near the fountain. Go back to the fountaion and talk to the dancer, he will hand over the coin to you.

Note: All of the dancers look same.

This item is used to give experience to a pokemon which is not already used in a battle. Go to the Castella city, there is a building known as the Battle Company. Go in and use the elevator upwards.

You must clear both of the floors from the trainers. You will find the CEO on the right side of the top floor. Fight and beat him, then he will give you the Exp. Share.

Lucky Egg
This item doubles the amount of your total earned exp points. This is the most useful item of the game. Go to the Chargestone Cave (Main Quest). Professor Juniper will give it you at the exit of it.

You may get another by chance, talk to the guy wearing sunglasses everyday who is near the Ultimate Move Tutor’s house ( Route 13).

Health Wig

Health Wig Raises the base health level of a Pokemon. To get it, go through the Charizard Bridge after defeating the 4th of the gym leader, you will find a shadowy black dot floating on the ground right in the middle. Step on top of it and you will receive the wig

Special Evolutions and Form Changes

The following are the Pokemon Black and White Cheats and unlockables to help you change the form of your Pokemon.

Magneton (Magnezone) – Fight enemies in Chargestone Cave.

Nosepass (Probopass) – Fight enemies in Chargestone Cave.

Eevee (Leafon, Glaceon) – Fight enemies near moss-covered stone in Pinwheel Forest for Leafeon / Fight enemies near frozen ice crystal at the bottom of Twist Mountain for Glaceon.

Feebas (Milotic) – Trade Feebas while it holds a Prism Scale (get a Prism Scale on Route 13).

Deerling/Sawsbuck (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Forms) – The seasons in Pokemon Black and White change by real-time months, each season features a special look for your Deerling or Sawsbuck.

Rotom (Normal, Heat, Wash, Frost, Fan, Mow Forms) – Open boxes in the first door on floor 1 of the Shopping Mall Nine to change Rotom’s form.

Giratina (Origin Form) – Give Giratina a Griseous Orb from the Shadow Triad on the Marvelous Bridge to change its form.

Shaymin (Sky Form) – Give Gracidea from the woman in the Pokemon Center in Lacunosa Town to Shaymin.

Deoxys (Normal, Attack, Defense, Speed) – Examine the meteor in the museum in Nacrene to cycle through forms.

Arceus – Give a plate to Arceus to change form.

How to Breed for Unique Pokemon

Breeding is possible, drop a male and a female Pokemon to the daycare.
Zora – Drop Zoroark and Lucario to breed Zora.

Catch a Pokemon with a Good Nature

To do this, go up to the Pokemon and save the game. Then battle it and capture it. Look at the nature of the Pokemon to see if it’s the nature you want. If it is, great, but if it isn’t, turn the game off, turn it back on, and resume at the last save point, which would be before you battled the Pokemon. Once you battle the Pokemon again it will have a different nature. You can get desired nature in a Pokemon this way.

Speed Up Egg Hatching by 50%

Having a pokemon with the ability “Flame Body” in your party will reduce the number of steps it takes to hatch an egg by 50%. Pokemons like Ponyta, Rapidash etc. have the “Flame Body” ability.

Clean Badges

If you run your stylus over your badges, it will make them shine and sparkle. Tap them and you even hear them chime! This works for both Black and White.

Teach Fire Type Starter a Water Move

You can get the Fire Type starter Pokemon like Tepig, Pignite and Emboar to learn a Water Move from TM55 Scald. You can find this TM in the Cold Storage

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