Pokemon Black and White Beginner’s Guide

Pokemon Black and White Beginner’s Guide focuses on walking you through the basics of the game. Everything you need to know to get started Pokemon Black and White.

Pokemon Black and White Beginner’s Guide

Everything you need to know to get started with Pokemon Black and White.

Starting Pokemons

If you are new to the series/not good in it, then just move on. This is the character which will give you the most difficult experience in your journey.

At the start if you will chose Snivy then the Gym Leader will choose a fire type Pokemon. Snivy is a very difficult character to play with. Snivy is a little bad-ass smug, he can transform later-on but he will lose its arms after that though.

Tepig is the fire type Pokemon, if you are new to the game and looking for an easy journey then this is the right choice. Tepig has great revolution abilities, he can transform into Pignite and Emboar. Both of these transformations are for fighting.

It is also good in few of the other wild battles you will face later on. In short this is a very good and easy character to play with, someone who acts real friendly and is fun to be around with.

Oshawott is the water-type Pokemon. Playing with it is easier then Snivy but difficult then Tepig, so if you want a moderate journey and a little challenge, not a walk in a park then go with this character as it has very much balanced abilities which will test moderate type skills.

The game will be quite easy at the beginning but will get quite challenging after. The final evolution of Oshawott is very much different than the others.

Be a Master

Mastering the Pokemon series was never easy. The case is still the same with the Black and White versions. Our guide will help you learn all the skills with no trouble!

The Effort Value System
Each of your Pokemon has 6 different attributes. The more points you hold for it, the better that attribute will get. Like more points on Attack will increase the damage of your Pokemon.

  • HP
  • Defense
  • Speed
  • Special Attack
  • Special Defense

You must know about the EVs (Effort Value) as they are the subpoints which your Pokemon earns. Each Pokemon can collect a total of 510 EVs. Whereas one attribute requires only earn a maximum of 255 points. So you can fill two of its attributes fully.

But it is quite difficult to judge when you’ll be awarded with it. There are few Pokemons like theZubat which gives a single point to the speed attribute everytime it is defeated. Every Pokemon has variable points, some don’t. Mastering the EVs is quite difficult but once you get the idea you’ll be able to make the perfect team for the maximum EVs.

Types of Pokemon
Pokemons have different types, each Pokemon is dedicated to its own type whether its Fire,Water or Grass. The moves of that Pokemon are also like its type. Each Pokemon can have one type assigned to its move but the Monsters have two.

There are a total of 17 different types and the possibilities for every move can be in four different ways. Whether it will be an effective move, weak against, have no effect or completely resisted.

  • Effective Move (Twice amount of damage)
  • Weak Move (Half amount of damage)
  • No Effect (The attack is not good enough to hurt)
  • Completely Resisted (No damage done, attack failed)

You must make a Pokemon team which can damage all sort of types and can effect the enemy Pokemons so you can choose the most effective Pokemon to fight with each enemy.

Nature of Pokemon
Every Pokemon has its own nature – Just like the humans. They can be Brave, Relaxed, Sassy, and Quirky etc. Every nature has its own advantages and disadvantages, every time you will increase an attribute through the EV points, one of the other will automatically decrease for example (A Sassy Pokemon will increase its special defense with the decrease in its speed).

You will have to choose a Pokemon according to its nature and abilities and make the perfect team. For the specific natures, you can breed a Pokemon. Surely, it takes some practice and a little time.

Special Abilities
Special Abilities are the main key for winning battles. Choose you pokemon wisely and make sure you know what its abilities are. Because most of the time you take the lead in a battle due to the abilities.

Every Pokemon has its own ability like the Charmander’s Blaze increases the effectiveness of Fire moves and Darkai’s Bad dream decreases the HP of the enemy.

A Pokemon is limited to one ability only but there are the exceptional cases which have the talent of multiple abilities.

Items are also very important to master the game. Every experienced player keeps the maximum number of effective items. Items help in many ways, increasing your damaging abilities, healing you etc. There are items which have random effects and there are items which are exclusively for some Pokemons.

Some of the useful items are the Oran Berries which increase your health, the Miracle seed which increases the power of Grass-type moves. The right item at the right time can even decide your fate and make you win/lose a battle.

These items can be bought from different locations from the world like the Poke Marts and can also be traded with Pokemons. One Pokemon can only carry a single item though.

Wild Pokemons
You should catch all of the wild Pokemons as all of them have their own abilities. There are nearly 650 Pokemons in the game. All of them have their own abilities but you have to stay calm as catching all of them can be a headache.

Just make sure that you go through every part of the land and try to walk over tall grass and unusual objects/surroundings as mostly the wild Pokemons are found at unusual spots. Make sure you catch as much as possible! Keep it in mind that some Pokemons are only limited to the Black version and some to White version whereas some are only discoverable at a designated time (day,night) Pokemons are also found near/on trees.

Some of the Pokemons can also be bred whereas the other need some special sort of evolution stone to evolve them.Evolution has different requirements like one of the Pokemons will need its beauty to be maxed out for perfect evolution.

So if you are really interested in filling up your Pokedex then you should keep these points in your minds. Never miss out a mysterious spot and catch the most of them.

You can also trade the Pokemons with the online community, so if you are having trouble finding one then you can just trade it with the help of online forums.

How to Catch a Pokemon

You will have to select a Pokemon to start your journey. The rest of them will be found in the wild or somebody will just give/trade it with you. You can’t battle the Pokemons of every character, but most of the wild Pokemons can be claimed.

You will have to fight and win the Pokemon to make it yours. If you kill a Pokemon it will be of no use, what you have to do is decrease their health so it turns to yellow/red so your Pokeball can catch the Pokemon.

Lowering the health results in more chances for the Pokeball to catch the Pokemon. Pokeballs have a very high fail rate so make sure you choose the items wisely.

How to Find Wild Pokemons

Most of the Pokemons are found in tall/rusting grass; some of them show themselves in the shadows or dust clouds in caves. Go near such unusual spots and you will enter into a fight. You will not find the Pokemons on roads and usual spots.

How to Raise Pokemon

You can only carry 6 Pokemons with you at a time. But you can save many in the Computer. The computers are globally connected and can get you access to any Pokemon wherever you find one. You have to make these Pokemons stronger and more Powerful by battling them.

How to Battle Pokemons

The two main sides of Pokemon are Exploring and Battling. For every battle, you will have to choose a Pokemon who will have its own Pros and Cons. The three types of moves which your Pokemon can perform are:

  • Attack Move (It is used to damage the opponent)
  • Defensive Move(Block the attack or regain your health)
  • Status Move (Special move for better damage and results)

Perfect Moves
You must perform the right moves (Poison,Burn,Paralyze) in time for more chances in weakening/defeating the wild Pokemons.

Pokeballs play an important role in capturing a Pokemon. You should choose the better Pokeball for capturing a powerful Pokemon. These are upper Balls, Hyper Balls and Ultra Balls. All of these PokeBalls have higher catching rate. One of the best are the Dusk Balls (You must use these at night time of DS Clock).

Health & Status
Your Pokemon has a limited health, if it finishes then your Pokemon will probably faint. The health is measured in a bar at the right Top of screen known as HP. You can use multiple items to regain the health and there are more items which can get your Pokemon back to fighting stance even after fainting.

You may kill a weakened Pokemon with a powerful attack/Pokemon, so make sure you chose a low damaging move which wont hurt the Pokemon that much (of course if you want to catch it). You can take the Rocky Helmet – If the enemy will attack you, it will hurt itself too. This way you can easily monitor and decrease its health.

Experience Points & Eggs
Fighting Pokemons gains experience points which results in a powerful Pokemon. If you fight with a strong Pokemon then you gain far more exp points. The Lucky Eggs are very useful; they double the EXP points of the Pokemon who finds it.

Evolution – Transformation
Most of the Pokemon have the ability to transform into other types, the transformed character has more/powerful abilities. It may have better skills and a big HP.

Types of Pokemon

Every Pokemon has one or two types, all of its abilities/disabilities are dependent on it. You must choose the right type of Pokemon for each opponent. Your pairing must be logical as not doing so will result in many difficulties. Like the water types are good against fire types and the fire types are good against the icy types.

Pokemons with Special Abilities

Musharna (Telepathy)
You must set the DS’ date to Friday or play on a Friday for this one to work. After beating the game return to dream yard. You will get access to a basement here, at the end of it you will find the Musharna (In the tall grass).

Darmanitan (Zen Mode)
Winning from Ghetsis will get you the National Pokedex, Go back to the desert resort and move towards the entrance of Relic Castle. You will get a Range Candy Bar from a professor over there. Go to the entance of the Relic Castle and try to interact with the blue statues. You will then start a fight, You can use the Range Candy Bar and then capture Darmanitan. You can also use its zen mode which transforms into a statue.

Pokemon Leveling Up – Day Care

You can also leave your Pokemon at the Day Care for teaching him new abilities and leveling it up. This way you don’t have to put him into a battle but the Day Care charges for it. You will have to bring money for this to happen.

There are few disadvantages too as you don’t get to choose the abilities your Pokemon will learn, also as your Pokemon learns new abilities it will randomly forget few of the old ones.

Technical Machines and Hidden Machines

These are the moves you teach to your Pokemon. You can teach a limited number of such abilities to your Pokemon and can access them after pausing the game.

Pokemon Black and White HM’s and TM’s Guide.

Pokemon Centers and Shops

Pokemon Centers and Shops are where you can heal your Pokemon, these are found throughout the Pokemon world and almost in every town.

Pokemon Black and White Tips

1# These are some more points which must be kept in mind for getting success!
2# Take Your Time
3# You can complete this sequel just like the others by a small Pokemon team too, but that is no fun and not competitive. So take your time and explore the land. Find all the Pokemons, breed them and get the most out of them. Make sure you go into a fight with all of them atleast once so you know what they are like!

4# You have to level up the creatures you capture, just like the other RPGs. But you should not level up every Pokemon you capture, it will be a lot of headache and difficult to but instead only the Pokemons which are useful and you have plans for. Leveling up your Pokemons will result in the game more easier to beat!

5# Explore as much as you can, Pokemon is very much straight to the story mode but make sure you explore the world, find the wild Pokemons and fight the trainers for extra abilities and items. You can also find different sort of items while exploring and don’t worry of getting lost!

6# Always keep more then 20 items, they are very useful. The healing power – It can heal you from almost any attack so make sure you keep it in a large quantity (You can get it from Driftveil Market). Lemonade can be also bought from the vending machines for cheaper and quite effective healing.

7# Try to avoid most of the wild Pokemon battles and focus on the trainers more, Exp points is essential to this Pokemon sequel as it is to all other RPGs. The experience gained from the trainers is in a massive amount too.

8# Try to evolve as soon as possible, most of your Pokemons will also aruge for that. There is no difference in evolving later (of course – this depends up to you).

9# Don’t consider a Pokemon weak if its not performing good in its simple look, a transformed Pokemon can be very much powerful then its original one. So beware and act smart. The ugly ducklet is one big example to this point.

10# Pokemon B&W is like all of the other RPGs. You have a vast area full of many characters. Talk to all of them, you won’t have to talk to many of them to complete the story mode but this will result in missing many opportunities of learning new techniques. Specially TMs.

11# Heal up at every opportunity, all the Pokemon centers and fight all the doctors!. The most helping part of this game is if you fail to complete the task you start again from the last save. You can save the game anywhere unlike the other RPGs where you have to save on several points. So save the game often and wisely as you may save somewhere in full trouble.

12# This Pokemon sequel is just not finished after the story-mode which has 149 Pokemons and eight badges to be holding. There are a lot of side missions and quests after completing the main story so make sure you hold on tight!

13# There are many legendry and rare pokemons. Most of them are caught after beating the game. They are very difficult to find and catch. Buy a crapton of Ultra Balls, Dusk Balls, and Max Repels. These Pokemons are hard to capture so make sure you have a lot of balls. These Pokemon are mostly hidden in different caves so take the Repels for boosting up and not getting into other battles.

Legendary Pokemons Guide
Rare Pokemons Guide

14# You must learn this move for cathing the Pokemons. You can learn it from the professor Juniper in Nuvema Town after you have seen 25 different Pokemon. This move takes the HP to 1 but never KOs the Pokemon.

15# Paralyze is the best status effect for catching a Pokemon.

16# Try not to use the Master Ball on Reshiram or Zekrom and use it for the legendary Pokemons as they are very very difficult catch.

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