Pokemon Black and White 2 Moves Guide

In a turn based game-like Pokemon Black and White 2, move selection is quite crucial in the battles. So, without the basic knowledge of these Pokemon Black and White 2 Moves, you won’t be able to utilize the full potential of your Pokemon.

Pokemon Black and White 2 Moves

Each move has peculiar attributes and stats, and by analyzing these stats closely, you can devise your battle strategies in a more effective manner. Following is a list of moves, where to learn them from and the related stats:

In the Pokemon World Tournament a tutor will teach your starter Pokemon and their final evolutions new moves.

Name Effect
Grass Pledge Combinable with other pledge moves
Fire Pledge Combinable with other pledge moves
Water Pledge Combinable with other pledge moves
Frenzy Plant Prevents user from attacking next turn
Blast Burn Prevents user from attacking next turn
Hydro Cannon Prevents user from attacking next turn

Driftveil City
Driftveil City’s tutor can be found in a house who will offer to teach your Pokemon new moves. This tutor requires Red Shards.

Name Effect Price
Covet Steals enemy’s held item 2
Bug Bite Bite the target and eat held berry 2
Drill Run Smash into the target with high chance of critical hit 4
Bounce Bounce up high for the first turn and damage in the second turn 4
Signal Beam Attack with a beam of light with a chance to confuse enemy 4
Iron Head Harden user’s head and attacks with great impact with a chance of flinching the target 4
Super Fang Chomp on the enemy cutting the enemy’s HP to half 6
Uproar Attack in an uproar for three consecutive turns, during this time, no one in the battle may fall asleep 6
Seed Bomb Rain down hard seeds on enemy 6
Dual Chop Hit the target with damaging strikes, hitting them twice in a row 6
Low Kick Attack low making the target fall over, higher damage on heavier targets 8
Gunk Shot Shoot out garbage at your enemy with a chance of poisoning them 8
Thunderpunch Attack with an electrified fist with a chance of paralysis 10
Fire Punch Attack with a fist of fire with a chance of burning the enemy 10
Ice Punch Attack with a frozen fist with a chance of freezing the enemy 10

Lentimas Town
Lentimas Town’s tutor can be found in a house who will offer to teach you Pokemon moves in exchange for blue shards.

Name Effect Price
Last Resort Usable once all other moves have been used in battle 2
Iron Defense Raises Defense 2
Magnet Rise Levitate for five turns 4
Magic Coat Barrier which will reflect all damage to enemies 4
Block Block the target to prevent escape 6
Hyper Voice Release a shout to inflict damage 6
Electroweb Capture and attack the enemy Pokemon in an electric net. Reduce enemy’s speed stat 6
Icy Wind Attack with a gust of chilly air reducing the enemy’s speed 6
Iron Tail Slam the target with a hardened tail and lower the enemy’s Defense 6
Aqua Tail Attack with a vicious wave in a raging storm using user’s tail 8
Earth Power Erupt the ground underneath you to lower the enemy’s SP. DEF 8
Zen Headbutt Focus psychic power in your head and attack the user, with a chance to flinch the target 8
Foul Play Turn enemy’s power against them. Higher the enemy’s attack, greater the damage 8
Superpower Attack enemy with power and lower user’s Attack and Defense 10
Gravity Makes flying moves unusable and negates Levitate 10
Dragon Pulse Attack target with a shock wave 10
Dark Pulse Release an aura with dark thoughts, may make the target flinch 10

Humilau City
The tutor in Humilau City is willing to teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for Yellow Shards.

Name Effect Price
Bind Bind the target for four to five turns 2
Snore Usable if user is asleep. May make the target flinch 2
Heal Bell Heal status problems of all Pokemon 4
Knock Off Prevent enemy’s item from being used in battle 4
Synthesis Restore HP, amount varies with respect to weather 6
Roost Restore HP half of max HP 6
Sky Attack Attacks on second turn with a greater chance of critical hit 8
Role Play Copy target’s Natural Ability 8
Heat Wave Attack using your flame breath, chance of inflicting a burn 10
Giga Drain Drain enemy’s HP and restore user’s 10
Drain Punch User’s HP is restored as the punch lands, HP gained is half the damage dealt 10
Pain Split Add HP to the target’s HP and then divides the combined HP with the target 10
Tailwind Create a whirlwind that increases speed of all ally Pokemon for 4 turns 10

Nacrene City
The final tutor can be found in Nacrene City who is willing to teach you various moves at the cost of Green Shards.

Name Effect Price
Worry Seed Prevents sleep for the enemy 6
Gastro Acid Spit acid on the enemy and eliminate effect of enemy’s ability 6
Helping Hand Boost ally’s attack power 8
After You Make the target use its move as soon as the user uses its 8
Magic Room Create an area where Pokemon’s held items lose effects for five turns 8
Wonder Room Create an area where Pokemon’s Defense and SP. DEF stats are swapped for five turns 8
Spite Cut 4 PP from previously used enemy’s attack 8
Recycle Reuse an item used in battle already 10
Trick Swap enemy’s held item with user’s item 10
Stealth Rock Deal damage to any Pokemon that comes into the battlefield afterwards 10
Outrage Attack for two to three turn 10
Endeavor Cut down the enemy’s HP equal to the user’s HP 10
Sleep Talk Randomly use any learnt move while asleep 10
Skill Swap Exchange abilities with enemy 10
Snatch Steals any healing or stat-changing move the enemy uses 10


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