Pokemon BDSP Status Conditions

Status Conditions are negative effects caused by an opponent that can severely damage the overall performance of your Pokemon in a battle. However, with status conditions added to the mix, there are cures for it as well. In this guide, we’ve given the cures for all Status Conditions in Pokemon BDSP.

Pokemon BDSP Status Conditions

It takes one move to damage your Pokemon’s entire performance in a battle and that is through Status Conditions. These conditions are caused by an opponent’s attacks but thankfully are curable.

Below is a list of all Status Conditions in Pokemon BDSP along with their respective cures and Abilities that prevent your Pokemon from being damaged by them.

There are a total of 5 Status effects in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and they are as follows:

  • Poison
  • Paralysis
  • Burn
  • Sleep
  • Freeze

Poison Status Condition

Probably one of the most dangerous status effects of them all. If your Pokemon is affected by Poison in a battle, its HP will decrease at the end of every turn and in case your Pokemon doesn’t pass out, it will continue dealing with the effect even after the battle is over.

In addition to that, it will start losing Health per four steps unless it’s cured.

Poison Cure

There are two ways to cure Poison and that is by consuming an Antidote or Pecha Berry. Additionally, there are three Abilities that affect Poison as Immunity, Magic Guard and Poison Heal.

Paralysis Status Condition

If your Pokemon is caught in the Paralysis Status Condition then It’ll start losing its speed and occasionally won’t be able to move and execute its attacks (¼ chance to be precise).

Paralysis Cure

There are two ways to Cure Paralysis and that is by consuming a Paralyz Heal or Cherry Berry. Also, Limber is an ability that protects your Pokemon from Paralysis.

Burn Status Condition

If your Pokemon is Burned then its Health along with stats will slowly start to decrease at the end of each turn.

Burn Cure

To cure a Burn, you need Burn Heal and a Rawst Berry. Other factors include abilities that affect Burn such as Water Veil, Heatproof and Flare Boost.

Sleep Status Condition

The Sleep Status Condition makes your Pokemon fall asleep up till the 5th turn. You can either wait for it naturally to wake up or you can use items to wake it up on spot.

Sleep Cure

You’ll need plenty of Items and moves to wake any Pokemon from a deep sleep. In cases like these, you need Awakening, Rawst Berry, Uproar and Wake-Up Slap.

Other factors include Abilities such as Insomnia, Vital Spirit, Worry Seed, Sleep Talk and Snore.

Freeze Status Condition

A Pokemon becoming victim to the Freeze Status Condition is frozen and will defrost only on random turns throughout a battle.

Freeze Cure

You can either wait for it to defrost naturally or use a Fire type attack such as Flame Wheel, Flare Blitz and Sacred Fire. Other methods include consuming Ice Heal and Aspear Berry or you can always use Magma Armor or Sunny Day to prevent the Freeze.

Hidden Status Conditions

Apart from your standard Status Conditions in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, there are a total of 5 that are hidden which can affect your Pokemon.

These status effects can take place at the same time as the standard status conditions in any battle.

  • Confusion
  • Curse
  • Infatuation
  • Flinch
  • Bind and Trap


This is actually a funny condition where a Pokemon is confused as to who to attack, so it starts dealing damage to itself during a battle.

Confusion Cure

The side effect wears out automatically after a few turns. But you can still use Own Tempo and Tangled Feet to prevent confusion.


A special type of Condition that only occurs if a Ghost Type Pokemon uses it. If executed successfully, the Pokemon deals damage equal to ¼ of its total Health upon each turn.

Curse Cure

The effect wears out after the battle is over.


The opponent Pokemon can use this Condition to attract a Pokemon of the opposite gender, preventing them from attaching during a battle.

Infatuation Cure

The effect ends after either the wielder leaves the battle or the one who’s effected by the move. Additionally, you can use Oblivious, Cute Charm and Destiny Knot to prevent Infatuation.


Any Pokemon caught in Flinch will not be able to attack during that particular turn.

Flinch Cure

To prevent Flinching, you can use Inner Focus, Steadfast, King’s Rock and Razor Fang.

Bind and Trap

Upon being trapped or bound, your Pokemon can’t be switched up till your 5th turn or so and sometimes if the opposition is against a wild Pokemon then there’s no option to switching at all and on top of it the Pokemon deals damage at the end of each turn.

Bind and Trap Cure

Using Smoke Ball, Shed Shell and Grip Claw can surely help you fight against these conditions. However, additionally you may need abilities such as Run Away and Rapid Spin.

Status Condition Immunities

There are certain types of Pokemon that are totally immune to specific types of Status effects and conditions in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Below is a list of Immune Pokemon:

  • Fire-type Pokemon: Immune against Burn.
  • Electric-types: Immune against Paralysis.
  • Ice-types: Immune against Freeze.
  • Poison and Steel-types: Immune against Poison.

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