Pokemon BDSP Double Battle Tips

Among the many battles you will have in Pokemon BDSP, some unique encounters include teaming up with an ally. These double battles can be confusing for some, so we bring you a guide with tips and tricks to help you come out on top in Pokemon BDSP Double Battles.

Pokemon BDSP Double Battle Tips

Double battles are a vs 2 scenario in Pokemon BDSP. It pits two of your Pokemon against two of your opponent’s Pokemon.

While playing Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you will often run into special encounters where you will team up with an NPC ally and have their Pokemon be added to your roster for the upcoming battle. These fights are considered Double Battles.

Use Multi-targeted moves

Try to use moves with a larger area of effect, ones that hit both the enemy Pokemon in a single turn. They also prove to be natural counters to redirection moves cast against you.

Do keep in mind that moves like Earthquake will also hit your partner’s Pokemon too! This isn’t true for all area of effect moves, just a few.

Focus on the stronger Pokemon

Sometimes, you may face a challenging Pokemon, in a double battle or you may be up against a Pokemon with a type disadvantage. In such cases, you may have a better chance if you direct the attacks of both your Pokemon to target the difficult one first.

The odds of two Pokemon vs 1 will help bring it down faster. Then face the other Pokemon who is left, rather than having to suffer multiple attacks from a stronger Pokemon. This improves your odds of winning.

Double Wild Encounters Yield More XP

Team up with NPC for double wild encounters when exploring the world. The more Pokemon you take down the better your exp yield. What’s more, is that after each encounter your partner heals your Pokemon’s depleted HP and PP. This way you can farm for longer too, without having to visit a Pokemon Center.

Let the NPC Pokemon Faint

NPC Pokemon don’t suffer from the defects of fainting as your own Pokemon do. As in, they are fully healed and ready to go for the next battle, unlike your own which needs time to recover. So, it is ok to use them as shields to make your Pokemon last longer.

Best Moves to Use in Double Battles

Moves that Attack Both Opponents


Type: ice

Has a 75% chance to freeze both opponents, has a base 5 PP.


Type: Ground

Is a strong attack, but also deals damage to partner Pokemon and is 85% accurate.

Heat wave

Type: Fire

Burns the opponent for extra damage.

Moves that don’t deal Direct Damage

Tailwind (Flying): Gives 2x speed to your team for 3 turns

Follow Me (Normal): opponents aim user, useful to direct attention away from weak Pokemon.

Stealth Rock (Rock): Damage according to type match-up against rock for any opponent entering battle.

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