Pokemon BDSP Jubilife City Clown Locations Guide

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you will have to chase after some clowns for a reward. Strange right? But in order to receive the Poketch you will need to collect all the coupons from these clowns. This guide will give you details about all the Pokemon BDSP Jubilife City Clown Locations.

Pokemon BDSP Jubilife City Clown Locations

This event will be triggered when you enter Jubilife city and deliver the parcel meant for your rival. You will be approached by a stranger who informs you that he is the inventor of the Poketch.

It is a very useful piece of technology to have and is imperative that you comply with his little game to receive it.

How do you receive the Pokemon Watch in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? By chasing after clowns scattered within Jubilife City and collecting coupons from them.

But it’s not as easy as a simple game of hide and seek. First, you may need to answer riddles from the clowns before they could hand the coupon to you. Before that, let’s get to finding the clowns

Clown Locations and Question/Answers

Clown #1 – Hiding Behind the PokeCenter

The first clown in BDSP can be found behind the Pokemon Center or in the front of the Pokemon Mart. The Pokemon Center has a red roof while the Pokemon Mart has a beautiful blue roof that you can’t miss either way.

The clown can be found standing in the middle of these two buildings, facing away from the street. This NPC is distinguishable by the dress he wears which is a vibrant combination of yellow and red.

Approach and interact with him. He will ask you the following question, “Does a Pokemon grow by defeating others and gaining Exp. Points?” just answer with a Yes to obtain Coupon 1.

Clown #2 – In front of the Jubilife TV Tower

The second clown can be found blocking the front entrance of the Jubilife city TV tower. Strange but convenient since he is out in the open.

Speak to him and he will ask you the following “Can A Pokemon hold an item?” A simple answer that requires a simple solution, say Yes to obtain Coupon 3.

Just one more coupon to go!

Clown #3 – In front of the Poketch Company building

The final clown can be found loitering in the front of the Poketch Company building. You can find the building to the west of Jubilife City very easily.

Interact with the clown to get your final question “Just like Pokemon types, the moves of Pokemon also have types?

The game won’t be itself if Pokemon moves did not have any types. Just answer him with a Yes to get your Coupon 2.

Upon receiving all of your coupons return to the creator of the Poketch. He can be found in the Pokétch Company building in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Travel there and turn in your coupons to receive your reward.

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