Poke Jobs Are A New Pokemon Experience Mechanic In Sword And Shield

Poke Jobs are coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield to help your Pokemon gain experience while they sit in the PC system during your game.

If you’re a Pokemon veteran, you’re likely very familiar by now with the prospect of the Pokemon Day Care, where you could leave various Pokemon that you don’t have the patience to train to gain experience on their own. Now, Poke Jobs are here to help in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The mechanic was revealed just today as part of the Nintendo Pokemon presentation that gave us more information about the games, which included things like new Pokemon, new rival characters, and a new villainous team in the form of Team Yell.

In the Galar Region, Pokemon and humans work closely side by side with one another, which leads to Pokemon helping humans with the same day to day jobs that we’ve been seeing in other regions around the Pokemon world. Now, however, your own Pokemon can get some work experience.

Each Pokemon Center in the Galar Region will have a PC-like device called a Rotomi, which you can use to sign your Pokemon up for various jobs around the Galar Region. Giving your Pokemon over to one of these jobs will allow them to gain experience along with some new items.

However, you can’t just assign any Pokemon to any job. Some will be more suited to a job than others, and if one that’s best-suited to the job is picked, you’ll get even more rewards for it than you would normally, like sending a Machoke to help with construction.

The Poke Jobs are a good opportunity for you to be able to train your various boxed Pokemon faster, rather than having to take out different teams and grind for levels over and over again, though this still runs the risk of you not being able to control what moves your Pokemon loses when they learn new ones.

We don’t know the full extent of everything that will be a part of Pokemon Sword and Shield other than the Poke Jobs, but there will hopefully be a lot more to discover in the Galar Region when Pokemon Sword and Shield comes out on the Nintendo Switch on November 15.

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