PlayStation VR Will Follow PS4’s Lifecycle, Will Improve With Time

PlayStation VR will follow the lifecycle of PlayStation 4. We won't be seeing new iteration as long PS4 is available.

Sony’s PlayStation VR is expected to hit stores sometime during 2016. The device is tied-in with another one of Sony’s products, PlayStation 4. The console has sold over 25 million units since its 2013 release.

PlayStation VR will take PlayStation games into the new age of VR. Many games are being developed for this device, and we are highly excited to try them all.

According to Richard Marks,  director of Sony PlayStation’s Magic Labs research division, similar to a console PlayStation VR content will get better over time. He also explained that we won’t be needing PlayStation VR 2.0 throughout PS4’s lifecycle:

It’s a similar situation to the entire console. I mean the console comes out and everyone says ‘Oh, it’s gonna be obsolete because PCs will pass it up and be more powerful’.

He added:

It’s not the case, so consoles come out and they’re pretty powerful and then the game developers figure out how to get more and more out of them as it goes. And so, by the end of the life cycle, that’s when you’re still seeing the best games possible. I think the PlayStation VR is very well matched to the PlayStation 4. So it will really kind of follow its life cycle quite well. And I think you’ll see as people get more out of the console the VR experiences will similarly get better and make the PlayStation VR seem like it’s getting better. I think that same kind of thing will happen with the headset as is happening with the console.

In addition to content, price will be a great factor here. Previously, Andrew House gave us an estimated cost of $400 for PlayStation VR.

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