PlayStation VR Has Great Interest Among Developers, With Interesting Pricing Predictions

The future of PlayStation VR is something of a mystery, though we know that Sony are hoping for it to be a huge success. With competition from the likes of Oculus Rift (on other platforms) it will be interesting to see just how it fairs in the race to dominate Virtual Reality.

In a survey conducted with a group of developers Famistu have pulled together some interesting statistics about what developers think will come of the PlayStation VR efforts. This includes a price point for the new headset.

One good sign for the future of Virtual Reality is that 94% of the developers are apparently interested in VR developments. The more developers invested in the latest technology the better. It was also revealed that 67% were currently in the R&D phases of VR development. Sadly, only 11% currently have a view of publishing a title for the headset at the moment.

When looking at what will be crucial to success of PlayStation VR is actual software that will run on the hardware (37%) and 26% say that price is going to be a forecast for success. On the price 27% believe that the hardware will cost around 230 EUR, with 22% believing 155 EUR. 387 EUR is the guess of 11% of the developers and 6% think around 300 EUR.

These results are interesting, but most importantly for the future of VR they are actually quite positive. If most are working on the R&D for possible titles, then there will be interesting days to come for the PlayStation VR headset.

What are your thoughts on these results? Let us know in the comments section below.

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