More PlayStation VR Games Announced!

Sony has 13 more games in development for PlayStation VR in Asia. Sony Interactive Entertainment held a press conference recently and its Twitch stream gave us the names of 13 new games. All of the titles are in development in Asia.

According to Sony, the following games are in development for PlayStation VR.

  • Ace Banana
  • Stifled
  • O! My Genesis VR
  • Weeping Doll
  • Pixel Gear
  • Phantom World
  • Dying Reborn
  • The School: Swan Song
  • Mortal Blitz VR
  • The Occasional Encounter
  • Mixip
  • Kill X VR
  • Unearthing Mars

PlayStation VR is hitting storefronts in October and pre orders are live. However, the device is out of stock but Sony will send another wave our way soon. Apart from the list of games you see above, many major IPs are coming to PSVR.

At E3 2016, Sony took to stage and announced Resident Evil 7 VR. The game is fully playable on PlayStation VR. But earlier impressions revealed that it suffers from design issues that cause headaches and nausea.

We also have Batman Arkham VR and Final Fantasy XV VR experience. EA is also bringing Battlefront VR to PlayStation VR.

PSVR will require a PlayStation camera to run with PlayStation 4. Sony is also planning to release PlayStation 4 Neo next year that will provide better all round performance, including in VR games.

Source: Twitch

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