PlayStation UK: Price Wars Can Prove Damaging For The Market

PlayStation 4 is not going to step into a price war.

The PlayStation 4’s prevailing dominance over the current-gen market left Microsoft instilling price drops for the Xbox One in order to gain momentum in sales. The strategy worked pretty well, and the holiday season last year helped the company put up some major numbers on the board.

From a consumer point of view, it would only be natural for Sony to compete against a price drop with a price drop of its own. That never happened. The PlayStation 4 has so far not received any such major slashes to its official pricing. However, it’s strongly rumored that the company will announce at least a $50 cut on its standard model during its E3 2015 press conference.

According to Fergal Gara, though, VP of PlayStation UK, such a price war between two competitions would prove damaging to the market in the future. His words would put those rumors at bay. The PlayStation 4 is seemingly not going to receive any price cut any time soon.

“Any price war in any sector in any market can be dangerous,” he told MCV UK. “If there is a race to zero, who wins from that? We are proud that we managed to launch at a very competitive price, and demand has held up very strongly for PS4.

“Therefore, our RRP on day one is our RRP today. Yes, there are promotions that offer consumers better value from time-to-time, but it’s great that we managed to start at such a great price and it has held well.”

From Sony’s perspective, the company has already managed to sell a ton of units on its $399.99 price point. It would be of little effect to cut that price down further, since the consoles are still selling with ease.


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