A Playstation Store Redesign Is Coming For The Browser, Here’s What’s New In It

A new Playstation Store redesign is apparently on its way, according to Sony, making the browser version of the store different in a number of ways. The redesign is happening as Sony attempts to streamline the store online and make it more accessible for its users in order to procure games.

However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a few changes. From what we can tell, the redesign will mainly be focused on making the Playstation Store more game-focused, or at least dividing the store between video games and other things like movies and TV shows. This means that while the update is happening, players won’t be able to get on the Playstation Store website and buy movies. Instead, they should do it via their consoles.

However, even with the Playstation Store redesign happening, hopefully Sony will at least postpone it until after their Black Friday sale, which will be starting on November 21 (next week) and will be lasting until November 29. This will give players a whole week to look for some new deals on games that they have yet to play, especially if you’re looking to buy one of the big releases that have come out in the last few months.

In addition to not being able to access movies or TV shows, during the Playstation Store redesign players won’t be able to access their friends Wishlist, or redeem discount codes via the website. So you probably want to wait until the redesign is done if you have any discount codes you want to enter, unless you can put them in on your console.

We don’t exactly know what the browser version of the Playstation Store will look like after it’s done, or how long it’ll take, but hopefully it’ll look and run even better than the original store does.