Remote Play Finally Comes to iOS Devices – But Does it Work?

Sony’s remote play allows users to play their favorite videogames remotely but only on select devices such as their PlayStation Vita, Mac, or Windows PC. iPhone and iPad users never got the chance until now. PlayStation 4 Remote Play will now be available on iOS.

The Remote Play feature was originally announced back in 2013 only for the PlayStation Vita and was brought to Windows and Mac later in 2016. Playing games remotely like this certainly has its advantages, you can sit back and relax in your bed, pick up your controller and play games without sitting up and hurting your back.

This recent update to version 6.50 of the console’s firmware is definitely good news for iPhone and iPad users but this doesn’t mean Remote Play will work according to expectation straightaway.

There are some things required for Remote Play on iOS devices. An iPhone 7 or sixth-generation iPad or later is required. So far, previous devices are not compatible. It also works only over Wi-Fi and not mobile data. So you can’t use Remote Play from another location.

There are also certain limitations. So far, Remote Play for Apple devices can’t connect to Dual-Shock 4 wireless controllers. The good news is, there is a workaround.

The Remote Play on iPhone and iPad use a set of buttons on top of the device’s screen, which looks like buttons of a traditional PS4 controller. There are no joysticks because touchscreens already function as joysticks.

Here’s how you can use Remote Play on your iOS device: You will need to update their PlayStation 4 consoles to the latest firmware version 6.50.

Then, download the Remote Play iOS app from the App Store on your iOS device.Finally, follow the simple onscreen instructions to set up a PlayStation account and get started. The setup process is fairly simple and there isn’t anything new to it really. iOS users can finally sit back, relax, and enjoy their favorite PlayStation Games on their iOS devices. Remote Play for iOS devices is now available with the version 6.50 of the firmware.

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