PlayStation Portable Losing PSN Support on September 15?

It looks like the days of PlayStation Portable (PSP) are about to get cut short. While nothing has been confirmed by the officials at Sony Computer Entertainment, there are reports circling the internet that the Japan based company has decided to shutdown PlayStation Network support to the good old handheld device.

Basically, the news surfaced after German website reported claiming to have witnessed an official email that was sent by Sony confirming that the PlayStation Network support will be removed for the PSP by September 15, 2014.

The report was then thankfully translated by NeoGAF users.

That is not all, the website also claims that Sony will be removing the support by shutting down the servers completely instead of just an update – this means there is no running away.

If you are a PSP Go owner, you will be a bit more unhappy about the news as Go doesn’t have a UMD functionality. Now, in order to continue enjoying games on the device, these people will either need to download all the games from the SEN store or bring them on to the PS3 and then use a USB cable to get them on the PlayStation Portable.

Last but not the least, the PS Vita owners need not worry about any of this as the server shutdown is not going to have any impact on their usage and activities.

Anyhow, I would rather wait for an official word from Sony before jumping on the news.

While this means that Sony is drawing the curtain on the handheld, it also means that if you were eyeing any multiplayer titles on the device, they will be gone too. How fond have you been of your PlayStation Portable?

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