Playstation Plus Subscribers Will Be Able to Vote to Play from Thursday

Sony have announced that Vote to Play has now begun on Playstation Plus. This gives the ability for subscribers to be able to have a part in choosing what games will be free to subscribers of the service.

The voting which will start on Thursday, August 13 will be for the following games:


Described as a grim fairy-tale board game Armello features a deeply tactical form of tabletop card strategy game with RPG elements. Set in a dark magical world the game thrusts the players into an epic struggle for power.

Grow Home


In Grow Home you play BUD (Botanical. Utility. Droid) on a mission to find the Star Plant and save his planet. A game about exploration BUD must visit floating islands, caves and waterfalls as he reaches higher and higher into the sky. Beware making any wrong moves though as you’ll have a long way to fall.

Zombie Vikings

From the creators of Stick It to The Man! Zombie Vikings is a new co-op four player stab-you-in-the-gut-athon. Featuring such locations as the boiling gingerbread swamps of Molgaga and the intestines of the midgaard Serpent this is a game where humour is very much the focus.

Voting for these games will begin Thursday, August 13 at 8:30AM Pacific time, ending Monday August 24, 8:30 AM. Soon after Sony will reveal the results. Playstation Plus members can vote on their Playstation 4 through the Playstation Plus section of the Playstation Store.

Which game will you be voting for? Let us know your thoughts below.

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