PlayStation Plus in Japan Gets Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN Free

Good news for the Japanese fans of PlayStation – I wish I could say the same for the western markets too! Those of you who are in Japan and have a PlayStation Plus subscription at hand, are going to get Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN for free in the coming month!

This was announced recently by PlayStation Japan through a new video that we have embedded above. You might ask why they are offering such a title; well, Sony Computer Entertainment is celebrating its fifth year anniversary and this is their way of thanking the fans for the support.

Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN is not the only game that Japanese users of PlayStation Plus are going to get. The mnth of July is also going to bring Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate to them for free.

Moreover, starting next month Sony is going to give them classic PlayStation Portable titles as well as other classic downloadable games for free. This will continue until March 2016.

For instance, Disaster Report which is a PlayStation 2 title that is playable on PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable title Patapon 3 are going to be the first games in the line.

We are still waiting for Sony to announce PlayStation Plus freebie titles for the month of July in North America.


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