PlayStation Plus, EA Access Titles Mix Up Mistaken For Leak

PlayStation Plus leaks are the exception rather than the norm. But these exceptions do sometimes occur. Recently, what appears to be a mix-up seems to have been mistaken for a leak. The mix was about the titles of EA games coming to PlayStation 4. They showed up as PS Plus free titles.

We previously talked about how EA Access was launching on the PS4. Only two weeks remain. There’s a timer on EA’s website counting down the days to when it will arrive on the PlayStation 4.

July 24 is the official launch date. Ahead of its expected date, some of the titles that are available in the EA Access Vault are starting to show up as “Free” with PS Plus on the official PlayStation Store.

When you go to the EA Access website for PS4, you can get a list of games that will be available through their subscription on the PlayStation 4. Due to a mix up, some of the games that are listed there were mistakenly identified as games that will launch on PlayStation Plus for the month of August 2019. This is not the case if you have a simple look at the listing.

The root of the problem is the Free tag that has a PlayStation Plus icon next to it. This is usually used to signify that the game is free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. However, as we have already discussed, this is just the lineup for EA access on PS4. You will be able to play games like Battlefield 5, A Way Out, and more through EA Access on Sony’s console.

EA Access has already been available on Xbox One and PC through Origin. For most of this generation, Sony maintained a stance against letting EA Access come to PS4. According to Sony, PS Plus would be enough for PS4 users. It has only allowed it now, just a little time before PS5 is released.

EA access is definitely for you if EA games are what you like. You can get them either with a discount, or play them for free when they get to the vault. Fans who were hoping to swing lightsabers in Star Wars Battlefront 2 or guns in Battlefield 5 for free through PS Plus will be disappointed.

Source: Twisted Voxel