PlayStation Plus Brings Dishonored for Free in April on PlayStation 3

You must be enjoying OlliOlli 2 and Sherlock Holmes for free this month, but PlayStation Plus is going to get really interesting in April. This is because the game you will get for free next month is none other than Dishonored! Yes, the award winning title is going free!

This comes in at the tail of a confusion in the public where some of us thought that the game was supposed to be free this month, however, the official twitter of PS Plus has clarified the situation.

Dishonored is coming to PlayStation Plus (PS3) in April. Sorry for the confusion this month – we pulled the trigger too early!

They are right when they say that they pulled the trigger a bit too early, I mean it is only the first week of March and they are already talking about the free games they are going to give away in April – oh what a tease.

Anyhow, there still are three more weeks before you can jump on to the free game that PlayStation Plus is going to bring you.

Also, don’t forget that the offering is for PlayStation 3, after all, that is the only PlayStation console that it was released on back in October 2012.

Can you believe it has been almost two and a half years since Dishonored released?

Any how, during this time the game has been offered free on more occasions than one, in fact PlayStation Plus happens to be the last in line after Steam which offered the game too PC players for free in the end of August 2014 and Xbox Live where it was offered for free for the month of August 2014.

that being said, rumors about Dishonored 2 keep popping up endlessly and the latest suggested that Emily Kaldwin could be the protagonist. This, and everything else in line with the sequel still needs to be confirmed by the developers.

Until then, would you spend your time mastering the original game thanks to PlayStation Plus?

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