Playstation Network Outage Hits Parts Of United States, UK, Canada

A Playstation Network outage has struck North America and Europe, taking down the service in some parts of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The news about the outage has come from various outlets like NeoGAF and Reddit, though the Playstation website is still behind the times.

Currently neither the Playstation website or the AskPlaystation Twitter have brought up the possibility of the Playstation Network being down in those areas of countries, but hopefully it’s just a minor problem and we’ll be getting service back fairly quickly. It might also only be related to various internet providers rather than an issue on Playstation’s end. Or, then again, it might also be some form of DDOS attack.

Either way, hopefully either Playstation or the cable companies will figure out a solution to the Playstation Network outage so that people who like to play multiplayer games can get back to it. In the meantime, players will have to either find a game that they can play offline, or find something else to do until the Playstation Network outage is resolved.

Playstation Network outages are unfortunately something that players on the console are used to by now, as they have to consistently wait for several hours before Playstation finally gets its act together and finds out what’s wrong. Hopefully this time around that won’t take very long and players in the afflicted areas of the United States, UK, and Canada can get on with the gaming.