PlayStation Move Mistakenly Advertised On Just Dance 2018 Xbox Version

Motion controllers like those of Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move are without doubt a bit overrated now, since the appearance of Virtual Reality gear. Jokingly, it’s not hard to sometimes even forget their existence or even worse for companies to accidentally advertise their competitor’s motion controller on their store page. This happened with Just Dance 2018 on Xbox One and Microsoft Store, where a “copy-paste” an employee made to its description went wrong, stating that the game is compatible with the PS Move and the PS Camera instead of the Xbox Kinect.

The Just Dance 2018 Demo is now live on both consoles so its description had to be filled, someone didn’t have his mind on the work though. Let’s hope that this mistake doesn’t have huge repercussions to the guy who made this funny but clearly not minor mistake because we don’t expect Microsoft to be able to support Playstation gear like the PS Move anytime soon.

Even though these kinds of mistakes are humanly and can cause no actual harm to the company, apart from maybe huge laughs and some minor marketing problems for the Xbox Kinect, it caused an uproar to the Reddit community, with its post reaching more than 4500 upvotes. There’s still no answer from Microsoft about the matter and the error isn’t corrected yet. The Just Dance 2018 Demo description reads:

Try Just Dance 2018 for free now! Turn up the volume and dance your heart out now on “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars.

Play the Just Dance 2018 Demo with your smartphone! Simply download the free Just Dance Controller App to your smartphone to dance with up to 6 players!

“The Just Dance 2018 Demo is also compatible with PS Move/PS Camera for up to 4 players.”

Just Dance 2018 is releasing on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch on October 24th and features a few of this year’s most famous pop hits like Shape of you, Despacito and Rockabye.

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