PlayStation Handheld Codenamed Q Lite, Not a Cloud-Streaming Device?

According to a new insider report, the rumored PlayStation Handheld is not a cloud-streaming device and is called Q Lite. It's a remote play device.

For the past few days, there have been different reports and speculations about a Sony PlayStation handheld device. Some believe it to be a PS Vita 2 while some consider it to be a cloud-streaming device.

Now, another report has surfaced from a well-known industry insider, Tom Henderson. According to the insider, the new PlayStation handheld is called Q Lite and it’s not a cloud-streaming device. It’s more like a remote-play device that will work with the PlayStation 5.

The handheld is expected to use internet connectivity (so it’s basically a cloud streaming device?) and will deliver adaptive streaming up to 1080p and 60 FPS. Early prototypes for the handheld are reported to resemble like a Dualsense controller with an 8 Inch screen in the center just like regular handhelds in the market. The rumored PlayStation Handheld device is expected to have adaptive triggers and haptic feedback as well just like in Dualsense controller.

As for the release date of this rumored handheld, Tom Henderson believe that it will release before the rumored PS5 Pro but after the detachable disc PS5 comes out. So a 2023 release for this Remote Play handheld device could on the cards. Keep in mind that none of this has been officially confirmed so far but considering the sources, it is expected to happen and it’s just a matter of when now.

Since the demise of PS Vita, despite the requests and demands, Sony Interactive Entertainment maintained a no handheld gaming stance and never hinted anything related to handheld gaming. Things could change now with all these reports surfacing. Valve’s Steam Deck could have played a role in pushing the handheld idea. Nintendo Switch ofcourse is another example of how popular a handheld device can be in the modern day.

We are hoping that Sony will make some sort of announcements during the next State of Play Showcase for which we don’t have a confirmed date yet. It could happen just around the (now cancelled) E3 window when most big companies are planning to showcase their games and hardware in June.

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