A New PlayStation Handheld Console Might Be In Consideration

PlayStation Portable was a not only a commercial success, it was the console that brought Sony into the world of the handheld gaming market. Although its successor PS Vita was pretty much a disappointment, mostly because of its high price tag and lack of titles. Provided the fact that, Sony halted the production of major first-party release for Vita while it was in the market, in order to focus on makings games for PS4. Most of the fans of PlayStation Handheld Console assumed that Sony is done with handheld gaming, but that just might not be the case.

You all must be familiar with the recent success of PS4. As in the recent Sony IR meeting, among many other things, it was revealed that PS4 has entered the last phase of its life cycle. Now seems like Sony may just be considering a few new changes in their production.

According to the Sony Interactive Entertainment chief John Kodera, there is a high possibility that a PlayStation Handheld Console might be coming through in near future. According to Kodera, Sony is considering multiple options in regards to portable gaming.

He further said that the company needs to explore, what its customers want from a portable gaming device. Even though what Kodera has shared, does not necessarily indicate that a PlayStation Handheld Console is in production, but it definitely implies a high possibility.

That said, Sony recently did patent a design similar to Nintendo Switch console, but to be honest all the fingers are pretty much crossed at the moment. We have not even had any official announcement for PS5 yet, so even if a PlayStation Handheld Console is in consideration, we certainly won’t be hearing about it at least until PS5 is officially revealed.

Be that as it may, what are your thoughts on the handheld consoles? Would like to see a new PS handheld console? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: bloomberg