PlayStation classic games support online play, resolution upscaling, and more

You can expect PlayStation classic games to support several enhancements and modern-day features when they launch with PlayStation Plus.

You can expect PlayStation classic games to support several enhancements and modern-day features when they accompany the launch of the all-new PlayStation Plus in the coming few weeks.

The Malaysian PlayStation Store was updated on the weekend (via ResetEra) to list some of the PlayStation classic games that will be available to PlayStation Plus Premium members. Their descriptions have finally confirmed the improvements and add-ons they will be rolling out with.

For starters; PlayStation classic games will support resolution upscaling for higher resolutions and higher frames per second. The resolution upscaling, however, does not mention improved textures, at least for now, but is something Sony Interactive Entertainment could likely pursue down the road.

The addition of trophy support has also been confirmed alongside quick-saves and rewind, the latter rewind feature functioning just like the SNES Classic Edition console emulator by allowing players to pause the game before going back either a few seconds or a few minutes.

Furthermore, PlayStation classic games will feature custom video filters such as a CRT filter to play the game like it was meant to be back in the 90s, a 4:3 filter for a boxed image, and a probable Pixel Perfect filter like the one from the SNES Classic Edition to play the game without stretching the image.

Most importantly, some PlayStation classic games like Worms World Party will support online play with complete support for various game modes.

PlayStation classics will not be exclusive to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. Based on the PlayStation Store listings, classic games will be priced between $4 and $9 for non-members.

PlayStation Plus Premium will feature a catalog of up to 340 classic games that range from the original PlayStation to PlayStation 3. Sony has confirmed that players who already own legitimate digital copies of PlayStation One and PlayStation Portable games will be able to freely access and download them on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 without any charge.

The all-new PlayStation Plus launches in early June. Sony Interactive Entertainment should be detailing the aforementioned enhancements and improvements in the coming days.

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