Playstation 5 Trademark Filed, February Reveal Confirmed?

It’s been something of an inspired guess from many gaming personalities and journalists including people like David Jaffe, that the Playstation 5 would get a full reveal event sometime this February. Now, the Playstation 5 trademark has been officially filed, so that may actually be confirmed. However, no official date has been set.

Sony has been fairly mum about the Playstation 5 despite it being essentially confirmed to exist and be under development. With an expected release date set for the holidays of this year, the Playstation 5 doesn’t have much time left to assert itself, in contrast to the Xbox Series X.

That console was previously hinted at during E3 2019 and was later given a trailer at the 2019 Game Awards, leaving Microsoft in he lead for hype. However, Microsoft hasn’t actually had a fully-fledged reveal event, so Playstation may come out ahead after all.

The Playstation 5 trademark was filed yesterday, January 27, and since companies often file these various trademarks at points near their full reveal, this likely means we’ll be getting a Playstation 5 reveal event, likely not just showing the console’s looks but also its capabilities and launch games.

We don’t specifically know what the Playstation 5 will be capable of yet, either. While it stands to reason that it would be graphically more powerful than the Playstation 4 or the Playstation 4 Pro, we don’t know if it will outstrip the Xbox Series X like the Playstation 4 did to the Xbox One.

Its first games are also a mystery. Though Playstation has said that the console’s launch titles wouldn’t be multi-generational, the only possible hints we’ve gotten are a Twitter poll that might not even be official.

With the Playstation 5 trademark finally filed, hopefully Sony will announce the date and time of the Playstation 5 trademark sometime in the coming weeks. Hopefully along with the console’s capabilities we’ll see what games will be launching with it, but that’s a good ways off for now.