Playstation 5 Technology Will Mean The End Of Loading Screens, Storage Is “Game Changing”

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has now gone on record saying that Playstation 5 technology is game-changing, and will apparently even bring about the end of loading screens, all through its revolutionary storage technology. This was shown off by running today’s Unreal Engine 5 demo off of Playstation 5 hardware, to prove it.

Comparisons of hardware are one of the many things that we can likely expect in the coming months as the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X get closer and closer to their release dates. While we’ve seen the specifications of both, and the Series X seems better, many devs still swear by the Playstation 5.

In his interview with Geoff Keighley, Sweeney even said that the Playstation 5’s hardware was better than a PC’s, a gap that has been further closing as each successive generation of consoles has become more and more powerful, and might even close completely as there have been talks of mid-generation upgrades to keep up with PCs.

The Playstation 5 technology that Sweeney is talking abut is in reference to how the Playstation 5 is apparently built around making use of its internal solid state drive and even relying on it. This makes it more reliable than PC architecture, which doesn’t rely on its own SSD.

Since we haven’t actually seen any gameplay with the Playstation 5 yet, there’s no telling if what Sweeney is saying is actually true or not. We haven’t even seen any of the games that would be coming out for it, even though one was rumored to be getting announced today.

That’s not even getting into how the Xbox Series X is better on paper than the Playstation 5, but hopefully the Playstation 5 technology really is every bit as good as Sweeney says and we get to see it at some point soon. Either way, with how good Unreal Engine 5 looks, any game on the console made with that engine will look amazing.