New Rumor Claims PS5 Slim Is Coming In Second Half of 2023

A new rumor is starting to circulate that a third version of the Playstation 5 is currently in the making. While obviously nothing is confirmed yet, a Playstation 5 Slim would be able to match the Xbox Series S that Microsoft put out alongside the Xbox Series X console when it released.

The Playstation 5, so far, has two different versions: A conventional console, and one without a disc drive. Aside from the lack of a disc drive the two are functionally identical, but if Playstation really is manufacturing a Slim version of the PS5, there will likely be noticeable differences between the Slim and normal consoles.

The console will likely be a great deal smaller and lighter than the original Playstation 5 consoles as Playstation refines the manufacturing process, bringing a similar experience at a lower cost. This might, however, also affect the graphics and resolution the console is capable of in its full-sized form, similar to how the Xbox Series S is less powerful than the larger Xbox Series X.

However, the optimization of the production process could actually result in the opposite, with the Playstation 5 Slim actually being slightly more powerful than the original Playstation 5. Though, of course, we’d have to actually test that before we’re sure.

A Playstation 5 Slim could also allow the big white flaps on either side of the console to be removed to save room, one of the main criticisms of the original console that made it more difficult to put in someone’s media center.

There’s also the most obvious of the enhancements: the new manufacturing process would allow the console to run cooler, using less energy, generating less noise, and in general be lighter in terms of weight. This new process would likely also help to alleviate the supply issues the console has faced.

This all depends, of course, on whether or not the rumor of a Playstation 5 Slim is actually true. But until then, all we can do is keep watch and see if Sony actually makes such an announcement at some point before the third quarter of 2023.

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