Playstation 5 Scalpers Show Astonishing Lack Of Self-Awareness

Playstation 5 scalpers are apparently, for some reason, confused and upset by the huge amount of vitriol that they’re getting online in response to their activities. Scalping is the act of buying large quantities of an item and selling it for a much higher markup, such as, in this case, video game consoles.

With the coronavirus pandemic impacting a huge number of industries, the Playstation 5 is one of the many different things that are experiencing supply issues due to its popularity. Scalpers have been taking advantage of this to buy huge amounts of the consoles, selling them at hugely inflated prices, and making use of bots to get even more.

This has resulted in a huge amount of criticism and anger online, which scalpers are apparently, for some reason, quite shocked about. In at least one scalper advice group, some scalpers claim they’re providing a valuable service to consumers…ignoring the fact that they sell consoles for at least three times their already highly-expensive value.

While Playstation 5 scalpers have been demonized online about their conduct, they have provided a lot of profits to Playstation, being responsible for over ten to fifteen percent of sales for the console, most of which they resold. Of course, whether or not this is worth it for many of them, including others who have been outright robbed at gunpoint, remains to be seen.

Some scalpers claim that they’ve been donating money they get from their ill-gotten business practices to charity, though they’re not getting any sympathy from people for it, especially given that they’re donating money that they got from scalping to begin with.

It’s likely that scalping will lose its popularity as the supply of Playstation 5 consoles increases, but until then gamers should do their best to avoid patronizing Playstation 5 scalpers, so they can avoid paying an exorbitant amount of money and leave them with large numbers of consoles they can’t sell.