Playstation 5 Release May Be Staggered, Starting In North America

Two updated product pages, specifically in the UK, have started hinting that the Playstation 5 release will be staggered globally and starting in North America. The hinting comes from the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and the UK version of the Playstation 5 page on the Playstation website just recently.

In both instances, while the normal Holiday 2020 release date was kept for North America, the release windows for both Call of Duty and the Playstation 5 have been changed to be coming out sometime in “Late 2020” for the United Kingdom. The UK Playstation 5 page had also been part of Holiday 2020 until several weeks ago.

The reasoning behind why the release date has apparently been staggered is a mystery, especially considering that back in May, senior vice president and global marketing head Eric Lempel said that Sony was going to launch in the holiday, and do it globally.

It’s possible that the reason behind the Playstation 5 release being staggered is due to logistical issues. The coronavirus is still raging in multiple countries, impacting distribution all over the world. The Last Of Us 2, which released in June, is one of the multiple games that had to be delayed to give distributors time to prepare enough units.

It’s possible that Sony is worried that the Playstation 5 may be the same way, and is staggering release dates across the world to ensure that they have enough time in between release dates to at least meet or mostly meet official demand. However, this is all just rumor so far.

While the possibility of the Playstation 5 release being staggered is there, nothing has actually been confirmed by Sony yet. And even so, it’s likely that Sony will make it so that no region will have to wait until 2021 to get access to the new console. Either way, hopefully Playstation will make an official announcement in regards to the PS5’s release date soon.


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