PlayStation 5 Price Listed By MediaMart, And It’s Absurd

According to a listing on Media Market Sweden, PlayStation 5 price is $1,489 US Dollars and the console is now available for pre-order.

New PlayStation 5 price listing has appeared online via Media Markt Sweden. According to the site, PS5 can be now pre-ordered for 9999 Swedish Krona, which converts into $1,489 and 943,99 €.

The product page doesn’t offer us any new information about the upcoming console. However, Playstation 5 price being $1,489 US Dollars is quite questionable. It’s almost impossible for a next-generation console to cost that much.

On the other hand, $1,489 price is not affordable for most of the gamers around the world. With that said, it’s safe to assume that the price is most probably nothing but a placeholder. This is something retail sites do all the time until an official product price is announced.

PlayStation 5 Price

In addition to this, PlayStation 5 pre-order page on MediaMarket also mentions that info about the console is temporary and can be changed. The listing does suggest that us an official PlayStation 5 price announcement is close.

According to Michael Pachter (analyst), PS5 price could be as much as $800. But Pochter later added that $800 is not a confirmed price. In short, Pachter is trying to tell everyone that the next-gen Sony console will be very expensive considering the hardware specs of PS5.

If they make the mistake they made with the PS3 and charge $600 or more, they’ve screwed themselves. I don’t understand it. I don’t know how you spec that thing out at $300 or $400 – I just don’t know, Pachter said at E3 2019.

If you ask me, it is very likely that the official price of PS5 will be between $400 to $600. According to Pelham Smithers, MD of the Pelham Smithers Associates market research firm, PS5 will be a lot cheaper.

Smithers said that Sony should and can try to sell the console for just for $399. There’s no doubt that selling the console at $399 will make it more affordable and accessible to the gamers.

In addition to this, Playstation chief architect Mark Cerny told Wired that PlayStation 5 will come with a very attractive price for players. To find out the actual price, we will have to wait.

Sony is rumored to unveil PS5 at PlayStation Experience 2019. There’s no official PlayStation 5 release date available yet. According to another analyst, next-gen PlayStation console will release in November 2020.

As for the things confirmed, PS5 will come with backwards compatibility feature, 4K support, 3D audio, Ray-tracing and more. Make sure to check out our PlayStation 5 specs and Xbox Scarlett specs article to learn more about the upcoming consoles.

For now, console price is not official yet. We can expect Sony to unveil the official PlayStation 5 price sometime soon before more listings like above appear to haunt gamers.

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