Playstation 5 Power Consumption Revealed For Rest Mode, “Much Lower” Than You Think

Sony designed its next-generation PlayStation 5 to not only meet high-end gaming needs but also to save the planet by reducing power consumption.

In a press release sent out on the weekend, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan announced that he would be joining leaders in the gaming industry at the United Nations Climate Summit this week. Together, they will commit to the “Playing for the Planet” alliance and work towards stopping climate change.

For Sony’s efforts to protect the environment, Ryan revealed that the power consumption of PS5 has been substantially reduced and is much lower than PlayStation 4. This reduction will largely factor when running the next-generation console on Rest Mode, which Ryan estimated to have a power consumption of around 0.5 W. That’s an incredible breakthrough.

In comparison, PlayStation 4 uses about 10 W in Rest Mode with the default settings. There was speculation that Sony would manage to cut the power consumption by half with PlayStation 5, but nobody was expecting the number to be less than 10 percent. This is still when using Rest Mode. Sony didn’t mention the power consumption during a gaming session, which is an average of 140 W for PlayStation 4. The number is likely to have been improved as well.

If just one million users enable this feature, it would save equivalent to the average electricity use of 1,000 US homes.

Ryan further promised that Sony will be doing a complete carbon footprint assessment of its gaming services and inform consumers of energy-efficient console set-up and use. He noted that Sony was able to avoid around 16 million metric tons of carbon emissions with PlayStation 4, which had reduced power consumption by design for the time. PlayStation 5 will follow suit but with even more improvements.

Unfortunately, that was the only aspect touched upon for the next-generation console. Sony remains mum about what PlayStation 5 is packing beneath its hood and what it can do. Information has only been dripping onto the player-base and it doesn’t seem like the floodgates are about to be opened anytime soon.

Recently, a Japanese journalist claimed that Sony would be simultaneously releasing two different PS5 models for two different audiences. The base model will be lighter in terms of hardware specifications and hence, also cheaper. The Pro model on the other hand will be a powerhouse to satisfy the most demanding console owners at a premium price.

If rumors are to be believed, Sony plans to fully reveal PlayStation 5 between PlayStation Experience 2019 and the first half of 2020. The official launch will then take place in fall 2020.

As if adding credibility to the rumors, Sony’s next State of Play will not have any mention of the next-generation console. The company has been keeping its cards close to home for a long time. Hopefully, the situation will change by the end of the year.

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