Playstation 5 Can’t Match Up To Xbox Series X Ray Tracing, Says Former Sony Dev

A former developer from Guerrilla Studios has apparently made the claim that the Playstation 5 won’t be able to match up to the Xbox Series X ray tracing. He put this down to differences in the CPUs of each console, where the Xbox one is more powerful than the Playstation 5 one.

The developer, whose name is Chris Granell, has said that while the Xbox Series X would be capable of real-time ray tracing, the Playstation 5 might run into trouble when dealing with open-world third-party games and trying to do ray tracing on them.

While that may not be trouble for games like a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel or the next God of War game, games like Assassin’s Creed, Destiny, and more from other studios not under the Sony umbrella may find that their games run better on an Xbox Series X than a Playstation 5.

Grannell points out that, tellingly, Mark Cerny omitted any talk about ray tracing from his official reveal of the console several weeks ago. While this isn’t an admission of the superiority of Xbox Series X ray tracing, it is a rather conspicuous absence.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s all the Playstation 5 has to offer, either. There are still a lot of things we don’t know of what each console is capable of, and the balance could tip either way. This even extends to price, according to a recent tweet from Mike Ybarra.

Affordability is also going to be an important part of both consoles, so one that makes a rounding error and comes off as too expensive will come off as a big boon to the other. Even if the Xbox Series X ray tracing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, price will always be an important factor.

Since both consoles are slated to be coming out at the end of this year, we’ll just have to see what each one reveals to us between now and then.