New Playstation 5 Leak Puts Console Reveal In February, “Playstation Meeting 2020”

A new leak has come out that claims that an event called the Playstation Meeting 2020 will be happening on February 12 of next year. This has also given rise to a new Playstation 5 leak that tells us we’ll finally be getting a reveal for that console come February along with games.

The Playstation 5, though often-alluded to and confirmed to exist, has yet to officially be revealed by Playstation, especially since Playstation didn’t attend E3 2019 for unknown reasons, and the company continues to avoid various other gaming events.

This has left Playstation fans with no real idea of what games will be coming to the console in the future, though if the Playstation Meeting 2020 rumor is true, we may finally be getting some news in early 2020, since the leak says it’s to show the future of Playstation to the world.

If that’s true, then the new Playstation 5 leak might also end up bearing fruit since we have no idea of when the Playstation 5 is even going to be announced, much less released, and we also don’t know what games will be available on it.

Playstation 2020 being intended to showcase the future of Sony likely means that we’ll be getting more information on upcoming Playstation games that have yet to get a release date, which include games like Nioh 2, Ghost of Tsushima, and The Last Of Us 2.

The last two are expected to be two exclusive launch titles for the Playstation 5, considering their lack of a true release date and the fact that the Playstation 5 may be launching soon. However, this is all still just a rumor with no confirmation from Playstation.

Whether the new Playstation 5 leak and the new leak about Playstation Meeting 2020 are both legitimate or not, hopefully we’ll at least get some information not just on upcoming Playstation games but also the Playstation 5 at some point in the near future.

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