Playstation 5 Launch Window Finally Arrives, Coming Holiday 2020, Controllers Changing Too

After months and months of speculation, the Playstation 5 launch window has finally been officially announced. Playstation fans can expect to buy the console sometime during the 2020 holiday period, meaning sometime around the last quarter of the year (making it a great Christmas present, hint hint). We also got some controller information.

The news came out on the official Playstation blog from the keyboard of Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s president and CEO. While the announcement had already been covered by the WIRED magazine, Ryan gave us a good amount of other information as well.

In addition to the Playstation 5 launch window, for instance, Ryan also went into detail on what we can expect from the Playstation 5 controllers. Mainly, the doing-away of the rumble pack that’s been in so many controllers for the past several console generations.

The Playstation 5 controllers, instead of using a rumble pack for feedback in the game, will now make use of haptic feedback, along with adaptive triggers. With the new haptic feedback, various kinds of impacts, whether it’s crashing a car into a wall at high speeds, or making a tackle in a football game, will feel different from one another.

The triggers will be more the developers’ responsibility, allowing you to feel the different feelings of accelerating a vehicle through rocky terrain, or drawing an arrow back on a bow. Since according to Ryan’s blog post developers have already begun to get controllers to work with, we can expect a lot of good things in the future.

With the Playstation 5 launch window finally revealed, we can finally start counting down the days until the console actually comes out. We’ll likely learn more about it at various other gaming events throughout that year, and it’s likely that Microsoft will fully unveil the Xbox Scarlett soon, too.

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