Playstation 5 Launch Games Won’t Be Intergenerational, Move On Gamers

Playstation 5 launch games won't be playable on the Playstation 4, as Sony wants to make gamers be able to move on to the next generation.

The Playstation 5 is supposed to be coming out at the tail end of next year, but Sony is already making plans to make sure that Playstation 4 owners won’t just hold out hope that they can continue to play Playstation 5 launch games on the Playstation 4 instead of moving on to Playstation 5.

Back at the start of this generation, many studios and developers made sure that players who couldn’t currently afford an Xbox One or a Playstation 4 made it so that their games could be played on both consoles. However, Playstation doesn’t want that this time around.

The games that will be launching alongside the Playstation 5 won’t be intergenerational, as part of a move by Sony to get people to move on to the next generation. This is in spite of reports that the Playstation 5 would be backwards-compatible, allowing players to play their favorite PS4 games without an issue.

This is the opposite from what Microsoft is intending with the Xbox Scarlett, which will allow Xbox gamers to play its many games (including Halo Infinite) on both the Xbox One and PC in addition to the Scarlett, at least for several years until the point where they can’t support it any further.

Of course, players will still be able to have a number of other titles that aren’t Playstation 5 launch games to play on their last-gen consoles. Ubisoft has already confirmed that games like Watch Dogs: Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods and Monsters will all be able to be played on last-gen consoles.

Considering the amazing games that were already on the Playstation 4, and the fact that many of them might be getting sequels in the near future on the Playstation 5, exactly what Playstation 5 launch games come to the console will likely be enormously important in terms of how the Playstation 5 sells to start off with.

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