Rumor: Playstation 5 Games Tomorrow Include Horizon 2, Gran Turismo 7, FF 16

A new post on a 4chan board has apparently leaked three of the Playstation 5 games that will be launching on the console at some point in the future. While obviously nothing is confirmed yet, the games include Horizon: A New Dawn, the Zero Dawn sequel, Gran Turismo 7, and Final Fantasy XVI.

We haven’t had any concrete examples of new games that would be coming to the console just yet, aside from games that are releasing this generation and are likely to be ported across generations to the Playstation 5 later. Then again, we don’t know if these are true, either.

While there has been a lot of speculation about a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel recently, and there have been hints about Gran Turismo 7 and Final Fantasy 16 being dropped as well, we’ve heard nothing from any developers about them.

Considering the source of this is from 4chan, who supposedly got the information from an unnamed source in the Playstation marketing department, we can’t be so sure that the Playstation 5 games news is even entirely accurate.

The Playstation 5 is finally being fully unveiled tomorrow after months of us only knowing its specifications, so Sony has a chance to get some of the limelight that the Xbox Series X has been hogging if they are able to debut an interesting-looking collection of games to play.

Various other hints as to what games will be on the Playstation 5 have previously been dropped as well in various Twitter polls and other hints from developers, but we’ll have to wait for the presentation to see what Playstation 5 games will be coming first.

The event will be happening tomorrow at 1 PM Pacific Time, so if you’re eager to see what all the console can actually do, be sure to tune in on the Playstation website to see for yourself. Who knows? 4chan might even be right for once.