PlayStation 5 Unable To Join Game Servers After Latest Update

Booting after updating PlayStation 5 to its latest software update gives an error that Sony “could not verify PlayStation Plus subscription”

PlayStation 5 received a new software update earlier today, after which several users are reporting being unable to connect to online servers in several games, including Elden Ring and Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Booting up the game after updating PlayStation 5 to its latest software update gives users an error that states Sony Interactive Entertainment “could not verify PlayStation Plus subscription” and hence, “cannot connect to servers”.

The error message has already conned several users to believe that their PlayStation Plus subscription had expired. Take due note that renewing the subscription for another month will not fix the error.

However, at least one user has been able to solve the problem (via Reddit) by “force re-updating the console via USB”. The solution though is not working for everyone and hence, users are advised to not tinker with their console or subscriptions and wait for Sony to come forth with an official fix.

At the time of writing, Sony has not made any announcement to explain what went wrong with the latest software update and when players can expect to join their game servers.

The new software update introduces the ability to create/join open/closed parties on PlayStation 5. The update also improves the UI for Game Base and Trophy Cards. Furthermore, users registered in the United States and the United Kingdom are able to preview a new feature that allows them to use voice commands to find and open games as well as control media playback.

Sony also confirmed earlier today that PlayStation 5 will receive variable refresh rate (VRR) “in the coming months.” All previously released games will need to be updated by their respective developers to make use of VRR. However, users can still force VRR on unsupported games as well for visual enhancements.

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