Playstation 5 Fall Release Listed By PlayStation NL Website, Sooner Than Expected?

Over the past few weeks rumors and hints about the release date of PS5 have been going wild. Everything points to Playstation 5 releasing this fall. We might just have the final confirmation that the news is true.

The official Netherlands Playstation website clearly claims that Playstation 5 releases Najaar 2020 (Fall 2020). This changes the scene quite a lot. Changing the release window from December-February to September-November means Sony’s next-gen console is releasing sooner than we expect. If a reveal event is to happen this month, then the company has a close 3 to 5 months of marketing before the console hits the stores.

In reality, September is too soon for such a huge release. It would be easier to say that the Playstation 5 fall release date is somewhere from late October to late November. It all comes down to what each region perceives as “Fall”. Some might say that it’s from September to December. Others will give it a stricter timeline to the end of November. We can’t know for sure until Sony hosts its reveal event for PS5.

One thing we can say and be almost certain is that the Playstation 5 reveal event will include a release date, be it or not in Fall. Announcing the release date later than early this summer might take away useful weeks of marketing and exposure for the company. With a solid reveal and a few triple-A titles, Sony will have “its hands full” with making this release as popular as it can be.

One of the first to launch titles for Playstation 5 might be Gran Turismo 7 as new trademarks reveal. We also have several sequels in a discussion like God of War 2, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and Spider-Man 2. All those could launch in the first years after PS4 releases. We just have to wait a few weeks before we know exactly what we’re talking about. For the time being, we all wait for the reveal event to get a reschedule.

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