Playstation 5 External SSD Hinted At By Patriot Gaming For PAX East

PAX East is right around the corner, and we may be seeing at least something related to the Playstation 5’s hardware from Patriot Gaming. Apparently, the company will be testing its new Viper XPD M.2 SSD (solid state drive) on a Playstation 4, which might lead to a Playstation 5 external SSD.

Memory cards are something still in use in many consoles today, most importantly in the Nintendo Switch, which relies on a memory card for most players to be able to keep their progress in games installed onto the console.

While Playstation consoles since 2010 have made use of memory cards, most of them have fallen by the wayside due to the ever-increasing storage capacity that consoles have to begin with. However, memory cards and solid state drives can help gamers install more games on their consoles without having to delete some to make room.

The Playstation 5 external SSD would likely be able to allow Playstation gamers the same luxury, depending on how much memory it has to begin with. However, we don’t know much about that yet, and won’t until Sony finally holds its reveal event.

Even though the Playstation 4 isn’t powerful enough to handle Patriot Gaming’s drive (it will only be able to use around 62 percent of its data speeds), the Playstation 5 is powerful enough to make use of all of it, as it will likely include ports that will enable faster reads and writes to and from the external storage.

While, again, none of this has been confirmed due to the lack of an official reveal event to show off the game’s specs, hopefully Patriot Gaming will turn out to be right. The company will be testing out their new drive with Insomniac’s Spider-Man game, which Sony also used to show off the Playstation 5’s blazing fast load times.

Hopefully Playstation gamers from all over will be able to pick up one of the new Playstation 5 external SSDs themselves when the Playstation 5 comes out and the drives are actually available.