New DualShock 5 Leak Suggests Built-In Camera

New details for PlayStation 5’s DualShock 5 have possibly been leaked by an anonymous developer. According to the leak, Dualshock 5 will have some sort of built-in camera inside for VR purposes.

In addition to that, PS5’s DualShock 5 will offer more analog precision for first-person shooter games and something similar to Steam’s analog trackpad. The anonymous source claims to have some insider information but shouldn’t be treated as anything but a rumor.

To be honest, there’s nothing eye-catching or new revealed in the information. Though, it does align with the recent leaks built-in VR functionality of PS5 and Dualshock 5 having a built-in touch-screen. There’s also a patent by Sony hinting that it could really happen.

It’s being said from some time that PS5 dev kits are already available to the developers. Last month, a user on Twitter shared an image of the alleged PS5 controller. The image showed us the touchpad area of Dualshock 4 replaced by a full LCD screen on DS5. On the screen, a UI similar to that of PS4 can be seen with options for sending attachments and emojis.

It made us think that screen can be used as an on-screen keyboard like on mobile devices. It’s also speculated that it could be used to show in-game mini map. Whatever that is, we are hoping developers to make use of it, unlike the current touchpad which is mostly used for pausing video games.

Do note that there’s nothing official from Sony yet. There’s no proof of the aforementioned being true so take it as a rumor. The anonymous developer also claims that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be releasing next year with timed exclusivity on PS5.

Beside the controller, EU based developer also says that PlayStation 5 will not be a digital games only console. Meaning that PS5 games will be available as physical copies at launch and afterward. If it’s true, it’ll be unlike Microsoft’s all-digital Xbox One console which is reportedly going to be announced at E3 2019.

PlayStation Plus Premium is also reportedly in works which will give players early access to games and more.

Apparently, Sony Interactive Entertainment is not bothered by any of the leaks (maybe because nothing is true). The Japanese giant has remained silent about its project until now, neither it has ever denied or confirmed a rumor/leak.

PlayStation 4 has entered the last phase of its life cycle so we are expecting Sony to start talking about its next-gen PlayStation console soon. With Sony skipping E3 this year, we are likely to hear about Sony’s next console and its controller at PlayStation Experience.

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