Playstation 5 DualSense Haptic Feedback Will Also Happen Through Sound

Playstation 5 DualSense haptic feedback won't just simulate temperature and other stimuli, it will also help with sound effects.

One of the big things that Sony is doing to promote the Playstation 5 is to really talk up just how advanced its DualSense controller is. DualSense haptic feedback is probably the most talked about with that controller, supposedly being able to simulate heat, cold, trigger resistance, and now, according to Sony, sound.

Such a thing isn’t that much of a change with Sony. The Playstation 4 controller had a speaker inside of it that could let you hear audio from places other than the speakers on your television. However, the DualSense will bring this to a whole new level.

The responsibility isn’t entirely Playstation’s, of course. It’s up to the developers to be able to program in that haptic feedback, but Playstation and Sony have created an intuitive and easily accessible design if developers want to program that feedback in.

Haptic feedback can be vital in making sure that players feel fully immersed in the game, and if the DualSense haptic feedback is as powerful as Playstation claims it is, there will likely be a ton of games that make use of the sound design part to help immerse their players.

Games like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart already are making use of the haptic feedback on the controller. For instance, one of the game’s guns can fire two barrels, but the DualSense triggers will resist more so that you can only fire one barrel if you want to.

This is only the way that the game’s triggers react as well, so with the developer-friendliness of the DualSense, it’s likely there’s no limit to what developers will be able to do with the DualSense haptic feedback. However, we’ll have to wait for developers to figure it out for themselves before we can experience it on the console’s games, whenever Playstation releases it.

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