PlayStation 5 Devkit is Large and V-Shaped, Here is Why!

A leak that happened just today has shown off the first-ever pictures of what appears to be the Playstation 5 devkit, and it looks completely unlike any other console that Sony has released before. As we said in the title it’s large and V-shaped, and here’s why that actually is.

While it’s not been specifically confirmed that it’s the devkit for the Playstation 5, many people are thinking that it is because it matches the diagram included in Playstation’s patent for the device, so it’s highly likely to be it. Playstation controllers are also plugged in, so what else could they be?

While the devkit might have been revealed, however, it’s unlikely that they’ll look the same as the actual Playstation 5 console down the road, since the devkits never actually look like the consoles they’re supposed to develop for.

The reason that the Playstation 5 devkit is so oddly-shaped also has an explanation. It allows the developers to be able to stack them more efficiently when running a chain resistance test, where one console will help to expel cooler air out of the center and sides.

Something like this might mean that Sony is working on ways to help the Playstation 5 be able to run more efficiently, with less heat generation, though we likely won’t know much more about the actual console until Sony officially reveals it.

Considering that 2019 is nearly over, it’s likely that Sony will announce the Playstation 5 officially and show off its features at some point early next year. According to another report, Sony is expected to show off the console in February.

Since both the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Scarlett are supposed to be releasing at the tail end of 2020, whichever console makes a better impression at its reveal event might cause the balance of the next generation of console war to swing in their favor.

While there’s still no indication of when the console will come out, we can at least expect it sometime in the holiday period of next year.