Playstation 5 Controller Patent Confirms New Speaker And Adaptive Triggers

The Playstation 5 controller finally gets its first pictures, unearthed through Sony’s new patents. Although the body of the DualShock 5 looks similar to that of its predecessor, it does include some major changes. The lightbar on the top of the controller is now removed and the body has a sturdier build, coming closer to what the Xbox One controller looks like.

Seeing the Dualshock 5 for the first time blows away all expectations we had. The Playstation 5 controller has a bigger grip, moving from the slim lines of Dualshock 4 to something closer to the Xbox One controller. This is a change for the better since we can all agree that Microsoft’s controller is still the best on the market.

One of the biggest changes we see on Dualshock 5 is the removal of the light bar on the top with the USB charger. On the bottom, you’ll find the microphone as well as 2 jack ports, as it seems. The adaptive triggers are now slightly bigger with more space between them and the buttons. The same goes for the top triggers, which look to be a little wider than before.

Playstation 5 Controller

To top that, the trackpad is not bigger and spreads to a small area on the top of the controller. This might be an indication that Sony has created a new smaller lightbar to support VR and AR games without compromising usable areas. What you cannot see on the pictures but is a significant change is the new trigger functionality. However, we won’t know how that actually feels until we try it for ourselves next year. VGC has unearthed the patent and also created a mockup for Dualshock 5:

Here’s what changed from Dualshock 4 to 5, depending on the recent patent:

  • USB Charger moved to the top of the controller
  • New adaptive triggers
  • bigger trackpad
  • New speakers
  • Slightly bigger triggers
  • Microphone on the bottom of the body
  • Two jack ports (?)

Playstation 5 is still a project of mystery. Sony confirmed some of its basic features, although we still don’t know what the console will look like when it releases. The company promises to share more information on its next-gen console sometime next year, with its release window set for holiday 2020.

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