Playstation 5 Backwards Compatibility May Go All The Way Back To PS1

During this generation, Microsoft has broken a lot of ground in terms of backwards compatibility with the Xbox One, and now the Playstation 5 appears to be trying to capitalize on its success as well. Playstation 5 backwards compatibility will apparently be going all the way, according to a statement from Hip Hop Gamer.

According to Hip Hop Gamer, Sony is working on a “revolutionary tool” that will allow the upcoming console to not just be able to play games from the Playstation 4, but also every other Playstation console all the way back to the original Playstation.

This is similar to the Xbox One, which can already play not just Xbox 360 games but also games from the original Xbox. While we don’t know for sure if the Xbox Series X is capable of the same thing, considering the success of the backwards compatibility service and Game Pass, it likely will be.

However, nothing has been confirmed from Sony yet, and the so-called “revolutionary tool” that will help with the Playstation 5 backwards compatibility is still just a rumor. While it’s alright to be excited, fans should try and take it with a grain of salt.

An official reveal event for the Playstation 5 is apparently going to be happening in February that will likely not only show off what games will be launching with it but also what the console is capable of. It will be happening only two months after the Xbox Series X was revealed at the Game Awards.

While Hip Hop Gamer may actually be correct about the Playstation 5 backwards compatibility tool, once again we’ll have to wait and see what Sony ends up announcing when the Playstation 5 is actually officially announced. The console is slated to be coming out sometime during the holiday of this year alongside the Xbox Series X.