PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X Officially Part Of Tokyo Game Show 2020

It’s official folks! We finally have news confirming the exhibition of the next-gen consoles. The highly anticipated PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will have a major presence at the Tokyo Game Show 2020.

The Tokyo Game Show organizers from CESA ( Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association) just released a press release.

This announcement included a plethora of information. The organizers confirmed that the event will take place from September 24-27 near Tokyo at the Makuhari Messe venue in Chiba. The announcement also revealed the theme of the event which is “The Future Touches Gaming First”.

As the theme suggests, next-gen consoles will be the highlight of the annual event along with the latest technologies like cloud gaming and 5G. Here is a part of the official press release:

The theme of TGS2020 (Tokyo Game Show 2020) is “The Future Touches Gaming First.” Games are the most updated and accessible means to experience the emerging technologies that will unlock new possibilities for the future. With the theme of this year, the event expects to provide an opportunity for people to touch and play the latest games and immerse themselves in the feel of an exciting future that is just around the corner

The next-gen consoles and new technologies are mentioned later on in the announcement:

Featuring novel game consoles for the next generation, TGS2020 is sure to attract even more attention from around the world. The event will focus on the full-fledged launch of cloud gaming and its advanced gaming environment such as the start of 5G services for commercial use, and will boost the unprecedented gaming experience brought by new platforms.

“Novel game consoles for the next generation” has to be a reference to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Let’s keep in mind that these next-gen consoles were never directly mentioned in the announcement. Although, nothing else comes to mind when you look at that phrase. It is clear that the Tokyo Game Show 2020 will be an important stage for developers and publishers. They will have a golden opportunity to showcase next-generation games.

Let’s hope that TGS 2020 will allow us to have hands-on access to the next-gen consoles. This would allow fans to have more of an idea of which console they should choose next.