Playstation 4 Update 8.03 Rolled Out, Includes Stability Fixes, Game Chat Mute

Playstation 4 update 8.03 has been rolled out today, and while it doesn't contain much, it does allow the option to mute game chat.

To coincide with a new Playstation 5 firmware update, a new Playstation 4 update, Playstation 4 update 8.03, has also been rolled out alongside it. The update doesn’t do much, just various stability fixes, and a single new thing, but it’s optional, so if you’d like to download it, now’s a good time to do it.

Alongside the various stability fixes, the sole new thing for the new Playstation 4 update is the addition of an audio option to mute game chat, so if you don’t want to listen to other people talk while you game, there’s an option to remove it now.

When you turn on the option to mute the chat, you won’t be able to hear anyone, and no one will be able to hear you. However, the setting doesn’t apply to party chat audio, so you should be able to still talk to your friends if you’re all talking together.

In contrast to Playstation 4 update 8.03, the Playstation 5 update offers a good bit more, though the patch notes for it are similarly short. The Playstation 5 update offers improved system performance, connection stability, text input improvements, and also stops the console from stopping data transfers whenever you try and download something else at the same time.

So far there’s no update for the DualSense, but the updates may both end up being added onto in the future. In the meantime, once again, the Playstation 4 update is optional, so if you have no interest in being able to mute in-game chat, you can just ignore the message and the update.

Of course, if you play a lot of games with in-game chat that might grate on your nerves and concentration, downloading Playstation 5 update 8.03 would likely be in your best interest, especially if you don’t want to talk to anybody. But, again, it’s optional, so only do it if you want.

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