PlayStation 4 Update 3.0, PS Vita Update 3.55 Released

PlayStation 4 update 3.0, PlayStation Vita update 3.55 and PlayStation App update 3.07 have been released together today.

We reported yesterday on the PlayStation 4 update 3.0 alongside the different features that it is either going to add or amend in the console. Now, you can test it out first hand because the firmware update has been released.

Not only that, Sony Computer Entertainment has also released PlayStation Vita update 3.55 for those of you who are still using the good old handheld.

Some of the highlights of the PlayStation 4 update 3.0 – dubbed Kenshin – include the new Events sections on the home screen and the Communities section that adds more social elements to the console’s over all experience.

The update is going to take about 300 MB on your console. As far as the PlayStation Vita update 3.55 is concerned, the patch notes have not been released yet but it is expected that the patch will attend to certain stability related issues alongside remote play features.

Not only that, the PlayStation App update 3.0.7 was also released simultaneously today which adds the following new features:

  • Events has been added. All events associated with PlayStation are now brought together, enabling you to discover and participate in these events in a centralized area.
  • You can now use PlayStation App to easily log in as a guest to the PS4 system.
  • You can now send a request to watch another user’s gameplay.
  • You can now comment on activities.
  • YouTube broadcasts are now displayed in [Live from PlayStation].


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