PlayStation 4 Update 2.57 is Out, Brings Stability Improvements

Sony has released PlayStation 4 update 2.57 but it is an optional download that doesn't bring the Calendar App.

Sony, like other companies in the business tries to keep a regular check on how things are going with their consoles. For that matter, we regularly get a PlayStation 4 update which usually is mandatory and sometimes optional.

We now have the latest firmware update 2.57 which unlike the most of the previous ones is an optional download.

This is the same update that Sony had mentioned a couple of hours ago saying “PS4 system software update 2.57 coming soon, it’s a minor update that improves stability of some features.”

Just as they promised, the update is a small one weighing in at 245 MB and the only things that it addresses are stability issues with some of the console’s features.

However, the English Community Manager at PlayStation Europe Chris Owen confirmed over at his Twitter profile that it is up to you whether you want to download it or not alongside news that the update was now live.

That being said, the official patch notes of the firmware update 2.57 consist of just a single line reading that with this patch the “System Software Stability during use of some features has been improved.


Before the PlayStation 4 update went live it was rumored that it will add a Calendar App to the console but it looks like Sony is holding off all such features (if any) for a major firmware update.

Talking of, are there any specific new features that you would love to see in the next major PlayStation 4 update? tell us in the comments below.

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