PlayStation 4 Surpasses Nintendo 64 Sales, Still Has a Long Way to Go to The Top

According to, PlayStation 4 sale numbers have managed to surpass the legendary Nintendo 64 console’s success.

Sony’s flagship PlayStation 4 console has had plenty of success since its release back in November 2013. In just over two years, the console has managed to sell over 33.16 million units.

This remarkable stat is very impressive, and somewhat unsurprising given Sony’s immense track record since the PlayStation 2 (despite the PS3’s shaky start).

According to, these sale numbers have managed to surpass the legendary Nintendo 64 console’s success. Deemed as one of the best consoles of all-time, the Nintendo 64 had a total of 32.93 million units sold.

It’s a remarkable feat if you look at it in isolation, but in reality these numbers aren’t actually as immense when compared to recent years. The PlayStation 2 still holds the first place on the podium as the greatest selling console of all-time with 157.8 million copies, with the original PlayStation being a distant second at 104 million copies.

With the PlayStation 4 entering its third year of service as Sony’s flagship console, it seems that with these sales trends it will more or less match the success of its immediate predecessor, which sold 86 million copies.

Compared to current-gen competitors though, PS4 is still far ahead. It has managed to sell a whopping 15.5 millions copies than Microsoft’s Xbox One, and nearly 22 million more than the Wii U.

In the all-time consoles sales chart (including hand-held), PS4 ranks at number 13. This is obviously expected to rise, especially with the price drop introduced in October.

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