PlayStation 4 Software Sales Exceed 400 Million

Since the beginning of current console generation, PlayStation 4 has dominated the console market and it’s 2017 and the console is still on the top. Now Sony has revealed that PlayStation 4 Software sales have achieved a new milestone.

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During the Taipei Game show, Asian General manager of SIE, Hiroyuki Oda, revealed that PlayStation 4 software sales have reached 401.1 million units and sales for the PlayStation 4 has exceeded 53.4 million.

Sales of PS4 exceeded 53.4 million units worldwide, and the sales total of PS4’s game software reached more than 400 million (401.1 million), 2016 was a year when we were able to offer a fruitful product line-up

Furthermore, Hiroyuki apologized for the short supply of PS4 Pro and PSVR which could not meet the consumer demand.

Previously, Sony revealed that PlayStation 4 sales were 6.2 million units for the holiday season alone. Sony also revealed that 50.4 million copies of games were sold during the holiday season and this includes both physical copies and digital downloads.

President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, also said in a press release that he is very grateful for the support from fans and partners that have made this holiday season for the company the best ever.

PlayStation 4 continues its reign over the console market with amazing exclusives which makes us wonder how much time before the console reaches 100 million units sold and become the new best selling console for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

How long do you think for PlayStation 4 software sales to reach the 500 million mark? Let us know in the comments.

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